Solaris - Photo Gallery
(Dated and titled to the best of my knowledge)

1978ish - Idea for an album cover?

1978ish - Battle of the Bands gig

1978ish - Babbage Park gig

1978ish - Unknown

1979ish - Stevens Chi Phi gig

1979ish - Practice session

1979ish - Unknown

1979ish - Set List

1980ish - James

1980ish - Robin

1980ish - Shady Lane gig


Jun, 1980 - Mason Gross gig

1981ish - Middlesex County College gig

2010ish - Crossroads gig

... And This Wouldn't Be Complete Without The Supporting Cast...

... And for those who have heard about the "Tree" ...

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Last updated 01/14/2017