This is the home page of the 1976 band Solaris.  Not to be confused with any of the following:

Hungarian progressive rock band 1978, Bulgarian progressive rock band 1987
or Any definition in Wikipedia other than
Solaris (New Jersey band)

This (American) progressive rock band had it's beginnings in 1976.  The name was taken from the guitarist's amplifier -- A Sunn Solarus.  The spelling of the name was changed to protect the innocent.  From the humble beginnings to the humble endings in 1981, Solaris chose to break with tradition and play songs that most people wouldn't listen to.  Simply put, if it's written in 4/4 time, if you could dance to it, if you could stomp your feet to it throughout the entire song, if you could sing every word, if you could hear it in every local establishment and on every radio station-- Solaris didn't perform it.  However, if you are the type to listen to Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Kansas, Pink Floyd, and (well, OK, some 4/4) Beatles, you would have enjoyed Solaris.

Within these pages will be the history of Solaris, the one I know.

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