Train Videos From Various Places

Here is a collection of videos I've taken over the years, beginning with 1987.  These were taken on an analog camcorder and digitized after the fact.
I must say that I'm not a videographer and so these are quite rough, but I'm putting these up for the historical value of them.

19870808 Edison NJ CR Mail-3 - This was taken at the Oak Tree Rd bridge in North Edison on Conrail's Lehigh Line after the removal of track one.
19870812 Edison NJ CR-AMT LMPI-Pass - This was taken at Edison station at night in the days when LMPI used to work Metuchen (about five miles east of here).
19870815 Bound Brook NJ CSX TV-171 - This was taken just east of Bound Brook station on the Lehigh Line.
19870818 Piscataway NJ CR PR-33 - This was taken at location Baekelite on the Port Reading Secondary.  The PR-33 is coming to pick up the PR-32.
19870905 Middlesex NJ CR TV-62 - This was taken at the South Ave crossing.  I don't recommend the taxi company represented in this video to those with weak hearts...

More to come...