Progressive Rock Bands Like You've Never Heard Them Before...

Are you a throwback to the 1970s age of progressive rock bands?  I am!  And so, here's a little fun with progressive songs with a twist (or two or three or...)

Hope you enjoy these "new" sometimes very LONG versions of '70s prog tunes.

Band in the Boys - Gentle Giant

Firth of Sixth - Genesis

Frac - King Crimson

Hacketted - Steve Hackett

Passion Brick - Jethro Tull

Psuedoprog - Various Artists

Quadrogy - Emerson Lake & Palmer

Rushan - Rush

Topographic Tale - Yes

Yes Is No Disgrace - Yes

And this non-prog which astonishingly can almost be two songs overlaid if you do some pitch and tempo changes:

Hey Mister Fantasy - (A bit of a twist with Beatles and Traffic)

But, why stop there when we can have some fun with some other prog and non-prog artists:

Pencil My World - Chicago

Opposite Fables - John Denver

Linseyize - Two Lindsey Stirling Songs Overlaid

Beyond Me - Mix of Prog and Non-Prog

Infectious - "Hooks" of Prog and Non-Prog

Grow Said He - Non-Prog (Makes You Wonder Who Really Wrote These)

Note: No progressive (or otherwise) artists should have been hurt or maimed in the making of these compilations.

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