RailScan - DelVARP Supplement
Special Report Of Trains Through Spring Street Yard Or On Reading to Philadelphia Line
Tue, Jul 30, 2002

 Time    Location         Dir   Symbol    Route            Yard      Engine # & Notes
 0006    Sinking Spring   West    21Q     Phila-Hburg
 0046    Sinking Spring   West    11A     Readg-Hburg            Wk  6765; 54 Cars
 0155    Sinking Spring   East    H48     Hburg-Phila                Unconfirmed
 0238    Sinking Spring   West    H36     Readg-Hburg            Wk
 0312    Sinking Spring   West    65Q     Phila-Hburg     Thr
 0456    Sinking Spring   East    20E     Hburg-Phila
 0517    Sinking Spring   East    10A     Hburg-Readg            Wk
 0546    Sinking Spring   East    20V     Hburg-Phila
 0745    Sinking Spring   West    69J     Phila-Hburg     Thr
 0811    Sinking Spring   West    H48     Phila-Hburg                3321; Worked Pottstown And Dyers
 0855    Sinking Spring   West    21E     Hburg-Phila                6740
 0919    Sinking Spring   East    66Z     Hburg-Phila
 0923         Belt        East    H47     Readg-Atown            Wk  5326; 16 Cars; To Lyons And Fleetwood
 0952        Titus        West    44A     Phila-Atown     Thr    Wk  9390; Drop 11 And Pick Up 14
 1146      Valley Jct     East    48G     Atown-Phila                8445
 1200    Sinking Spring   East    14G     Hburg-Phila                9615; Opposed
 1210         Belt        West    H90     Atown-Readg            Wk
 1230        Titus        East    H49     Readg-Phila            Wk  To Dyers
 1319         Belt        West    H47     Atown-Readg            Wk  7 E
 1441      Pottstown      East    H0R     Readg-Phila                May Have Been Coming In From Trap Rock Quarry
 1446         Belt        East    H90     Readg-Atown            Wk  26 L 1 E
 1448    Sinking Spring   East    H31     Hburg-Readg     Thr        2 Cars
 1608        Titus        West    684     Phila-Hburg     Thr    Wk  Light; Reversed At Wyo For R N Pickup Of 72 L
 1640        Titus        West    49G     Phila-Atown     Thr    Wk  Pick Up 14 Cars
 1849         Belt        West    45A     Atown-Phila     Thr    Wk  2572; Pick Up 28 Cars
 1858         Belt        West     RN       RN Local             Wk  Rn4321; 20 L 44 E
 2014    Wyomissing Jct   East    H49     Hburg-Readg            Wk  9138/2525; Worked Lawn
 2049    Sinking Spring   East    506     Hburg-Phila
 2108    Sinking Spring   East    924     Hburg-Phila                9144/6752; 60 Cars For Birdsboro Quarry
 2126    Sinking Spring   West    17G     Phila-Hburg
 2150         Belt        East     RN       RN Local             Wk  Rn3200
 2219    Sinking Spring   West    569     Phila-Hburg                Via Turkey Path
 2325    Sinking Spring   West    21Q     Phila-Hburg

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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