RailScan - DelVARP Supplement
Special Report Of Trains Through Spring Street Yard Or On Reading to Philadelphia Line
Recorded Sat, Jan 26, 2002

 Time    Location         Dir   Symbol    Route            Yard      Engine # & Notes
 0246    Sinking Spring   West    11A     Readg-Hburg            Wk
 0318    Sinking Spring   West    961     Phila-Hburg                8207; Opposed; P/u 71 At Cromby To Drop At Womels
 0339    Sinking Spring   West    21V     Phila-Hburg                3395; Opposed
 0451        Titus        West    500     Phila-Readg            Wk  9040; Light Power
 0716    Sinking Spring   East    20E     Hburg-Phila
 0744    Sinking Spring   West    21E     Phila-Hburg
 0807    Sinking Spring   East    18G     Hburg-Atown            Wk  9392; Drop 113 Rdgs, Chaps, Stonys, Edgmrs At Belt
 0906    Sinking Spring   East    66Z     Hburg-Phila
 1016         Belt        West     RN       RN Local             Wk  Rn2005
 1123        Titus        West    44A     Phila-Atown     Thr    Wk  9227; 376 Axles
 1149        Cumru        East    48G     Atown-Phila                8582; Stopped To Look Over Shop Car In Train
 1202         Belt        East     RN       RN Local             Wk  Rn2001
 1223    Sinking Spring   East    14G     Hburg-Phila
 1342    Sinking Spring   West    501     Phila-Hburg     Thr        2570; Opposed; Pick Up 71 At Womelsdorf
 1402        Titus        West    49G     Phila-Atown     Thr    Wk  5512; 528 Axles
 1651    Sinking Spring   West    67Z     Phila-Hburg                Unconfirmed
 1830        Titus        West    17G     Phila-Readg            Wk  9155; 152 Axles; Terminates In Reading
 1910    Sinking Spring   West    H15     Phila-Hburg     Thr        May Have Originated In Yard
 1956         Belt        West    45A     Atown-Phila     Thr    Wk  9259; 258 Axles; Drop Edgmrs And Rdgs, Pick Up
 2012    Sinking Spring   East    16T     Hburg-Readg            Wk
 2229    Sinking Spring   West    21R     Hburg-Phila                8899
 2252    Sinking Spring   East    20Q     Hburg-Phila                9476

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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