RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Thu,
Oct 22, 2020

  Time    Location          Dir     Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0011    Sinking Spring    West    21V      Atown-Hburg
  0024    Sinking Spring    West    23Z      Atown-Hburg
  0034         Belt         West    KH01       RN Local          W
  0036    Sinking Spring    West    25T      Phila-Hburg             Unconfirmed; Not Calling Signals
  0117         Belt         East    KH01       RN Local          W   Light Power To North Reading Yard
  0231    Sinking Spring    West    65K      Atown-Hburg
  0300    Sinking Spring    West    25V      Atown-Hburg             4005
  0314    Sinking Spring    East    22V      Hburg-Atown
  0330    Sinking Spring    East    26E      Hburg-Phila
  0351    Sinking Spring    East    20E      Hburg-Atown             Opposed; Not Calling Signals
  0532    Sinking Spring    West    63V      Atown-Hburg             Unconfirmed; Not Calling Signals
  0553    Sinking Spring    East    20R      Hburg-Atown             Not Calling Signals
  0609    Sinking Spring    East    212      Hburg-Atown             Unconfirmed; Not Calling Signals
  0722         Belt         West    KH02       RN Local          W
  0723    Sinking Spring    West    211      Atown-Hburg
  0725    Sinking Spring    East    10K      Hburg-Atown    Thr  W   7545; Set Off 20 Cars
  0738    Sinking Spring    East    26T      Hburg-Phila             7554
  0752    Sinking Spring    West    23M      Atown-Hburg
  0800    Sinking Spring    East    62V      Hburg-Atown
  0813    Sinking Spring    East    18N      Hburg-Atown
  0912    Sinking Spring    West    21E      Phila-Hburg             9721
  0917         Belt         East    H47      Readg-Atown         W   5265/5268; To Evansville
  1120    Sinking Spring    East    14G      Hburg-Phila             7690; Opposed
  1149    Sinking Spring    East    20K      Hburg-Atown             9827
  1206    Sinking Spring    West    21M      Atown-Hburg             9713
  1242        Reading       East    H44      Readg-Phila    Thr  W
  1330        Leisey        West    H44      Phila-Atown             6943; To Work Yard From Belt
  1335         Belt         West    H47      Atown-Readg         W   From Evansville
  1447    Sinking Spring    West    19G      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   9585; Opposed; P/u 27 Cars; Leave With 37 L 60 E
  1454         Belt         East    KH02       RN Local          W   To Laurel Jct
  1601    Sinking Spring    East    30A      Hburg-Atown             8046
  1607    Sinking Spring    West    W4A      Atown-Hburg
  1631    Sinking Spring    West    15T      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   4233; Picked Up 14 In Yard
  1646    Sinking Spring    East    16T      Hburg-Atown             1198
  1725    Sinking Spring    East    294      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  1743    Sinking Spring    West    H31      Readg-Hburg         W
  1818    Sinking Spring    East    20V      Hburg-Atown
  1957         Belt         West    H68      Atown-Readg         W
  2031        Reading       West    H49      Phila-Readg         W   Did Not Hear It Go East
  2100    Sinking Spring    East    20R      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  2223    Sinking Spring    East    38G      Hburg-Phila             1028
  2234    Sinking Spring    West    39G      Phila-Hburg    Thr  W   8183; Multiple High Cars Mp56
  2250    Sinking Spring    West    21V      Atown-Hburg
  2256    Sinking Spring    East    H31      Hburg-Readg         W
  2317    Sinking Spring    West    25Z      Atown-Hburg
  2340    Sinking Spring    West    34A      Atown-Hburg
  2354    Sinking Spring    West    23Z      Atown-Hburg
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
37	37	10	47

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0100 - H33 working yard
 0845-0910 - Interference locking up recording
 0920 - Maintainer working in Spring St Yard
 0950 - Maintainer working both tracks in Robesonia
 1220-1330 - Maintainer working track 1 Dorf to Wyo
 1245-1345 - Maintainer working track 1 Blandon to Alburtis

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