RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Fri,
Oct 20, 2017

  Time    Location         Dir Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0010    Sinking Spring    West    25T      Phila-Hburg
  0022    Sinking Spring    East    61N      Hburg-Phila
  0045         Belt         East    KH01       RN Local          W   Rn3054
  0047    Sinking Spring    West    25V      Atown-Hburg             9888
  0122    Sinking Spring    East    H31      Hburg-Readg         W   5827/5171; Worked Rigiply, 7d, Ppc; Back In Via Walnut
  0127    Sinking Spring    East    16N      Hburg-Atown             7681; Opposed; Will Hold At W Laurel For H73
  0217         Belt         West    H73      Atown-Readg         W   3001; To 11th St Ind; Belt Detector Announced High Cars
  0320    Sinking Spring    West    25Z      Atown-Hburg             9393
  0350    Sinking Spring    West    60N      Phila-Hburg    Thr
  0403    Sinking Spring    West    25R      Atown-Hburg             7654
  0416    Sinking Spring    West    23Z      Atown-Hburg             1048
  0444    Sinking Spring    East    20R      Hburg-Atown
  0452         Dyers        West    69M      Phila-Readg             9443/9418; Left Power On Industrial West And Cars On 1 And 2
  0459    Sinking Spring    East    20E      Hburg-Atown
  0515    Sinking Spring    East    24K      Hburg-Phila
  0523    Sinking Spring    West    I5V      Atown-Hburg             9567/9416 Wyed Power At Tulp
  0530    Sinking Spring    East    24V      Hburg-Atown
  0602    Sinking Spring    East    22V      Hburg-Atown             7660; To Hold At W Laurel For Four Westbounds
  0637    Sinking Spring    West    23M      Atown-Hburg
  0639    Sinking Spring    East    64T      Hburg-Phila    Thr      8182; Tie At Pottstown And Pick Up 65t; Recrew Left At 1345
  0651    Sinking Spring    West    11J      Atown-Hburg
  0658         Belt         West    KH02       RN Local          W   Rn1543/1541; Light Power
  0711    Sinking Spring    East    36Q      Hburg-Atown             9201; Held At West Laurel Till Lehigh Can Take Him
  0726    Sinking Spring    West    211      Atown-Hburg
  0737    Sinking Spring    West    35Q      Atown-Hburg
  0748    Sinking Spring    West    21E      Phila-Hburg
  0804    Sinking Spring    East    212      Hburg-Atown             Up5278
  0820         Belt         East    KH02       RN Local          W   Rn1541/1543; 27 L 6 E
  0826    Sinking Spring    West    94M      Readg-Hburg         W   3001/5661; 50 For Annville Then Return Light To Dyers
  0829    Sinking Spring    East    290      Hburg-Atown             9550
  1008    Sinking Spring    East    94M      Hburg-Readg             5661/3001; Opposed;  Light To Dyers
  1026    Sinking Spring    East    18N      Hburg-Atown             7714; Opposed; Held At W Laurel For Over An Hour
  1028         Cumru        East    H49      Readg-Phila         W
  1050         Belt         East    H47      Readg-Atown         W   5171/5827; 5 Cars For Evansville; Held For 2
  1113         Belt         West    38G      Atown-Phila             9274
  1143    Sinking Spring    East    10N      Hburg-Atown    Thr  W   8130
  1149    Sinking Spring    West    21M      Atown-Hburg             7564
  1157    Sinking Spring    East    20K      Hburg-Atown             9543; Held At Belt For Alburtis Track Work
  1222    Sinking Spring    West    65T      Phila-Hburg    Thr      2753; Held For About An Hour At Wyo
  1325         Belt         West    H68      Atown-Readg         W
  1346         Titus        West    H49      Phila-Readg         W
  1427    Sinking Spring    West    19G      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   3666
  1438    Sinking Spring    East    64K      Hburg-Atown    Thr      3612
  1615         Belt         East    H68      Readg-Atown         W   11 L 45 E
  1642         Belt         West    H47      Atown-Hburg         W
  1755         Belt         East    39G      Phila-Atown             8926
  1802    Sinking Spring    West    H31      Readg-Hburg         W   5661
  1815    Sinking Spring    West    15T      Atown-Hburg             Called Stating Second Unit Had To Be Restarted (at Dorf)
  1945    Sinking Spring    East    684      Hburg-Readg    Thr      Light 7211/8169 To R & N To Pick Up 110 Car Train
  2015    Sinking Spring    West    M7G      Phila-Hburg
  2043    Sinking Spring    East    H31      Hburg-Readg         W   3001/5661; Worked Ppc; Back Early; Worked Yard For Hours
  2108    Sinking Spring    East    I4Z      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  2132    Sinking Spring    East    16T      Hburg-Atown             Held At Belt Until Lehigh Line Can Handle The Train
  2142    Sinking Spring    West    34A      Atown-Hburg
  2202    Sinking Spring    East    14G      Hburg-Phila
  2224    Sinking Spring    East    33A      Hburg-Atown
  2255    Sinking Spring    West    11K      Atown-Hburg             9376
  2305    Sinking Spring    East    17G      Phila-Hburg             Unconfirmed; Opposed; Not Calling Signals

Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
43	39	15	58

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0015 Heard HA25 working in Allentown Yard area
 0105 Heard HA21 working in Allentown Yard area
 0110 Dispatcher talking about logjam at Harrisburg due to broken knuckle
 0300 Dispatcher clearing maintainer at Bird on what sounded like 69M 9418?
 0400 I2V recrewed at Center and went east (parked since 10/19)
 0800-1600 Maintainer working CP-Wyo to CP-Tulp
 0815-0900 Maintainer working CP-Titus to CP-Belt
 0900-0915 Maintainer working CP-Belt to CP-Blandon
 0915-0930 Maintainer working CP-Blandon to CP-Alburtis
 0945-1130 Maintainer working CP-Dorf to CP-Millards track 2
 1200-1230 Track work at CP-Alburtis on track 2
 1240-1250 10N (Runner) & 19G (Pottsville Branch) working Spring St Yard concurrently!
 1310-1355 Maintainer working on Turkey Path (CP-Bird to CP-Cumru)
 1730 Allentown trains talking about wires down on the Portland Secondary
 1750 HH25 reported trespassers along the yard in Allentown
 1815 OSS called 39G to informed them the scan at Belt showed the last block of cars were flipped
 2000-0000 Allentown movements very busy with good radio

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