RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Thu,
Oct 20, 2016

  Time    Location         Dir Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0008    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg              Not Calling Signals Audibly
  0038    Sinking Spring    West   63V     Atown-Hburg
  0141         Belt         West   H73     Atown-Readg          W   5669; 8 Cars; To Lentz Then Yard
  0309    Sinking Spring    West   25Z     Atown-Hburg
  0333    Sinking Spring    West   23Z     Atown-Hburg
  0350    Sinking Spring    West   25V     Atown-Hburg
  0356    Sinking Spring    East   20R     Hburg-Atown              7627
  0410    Sinking Spring    East   20E     Hburg-Atown
  0446    Sinking Spring    East   24K     Hburg-Phila              2576; Opposed
  0454    Sinking Spring    East   24Z     Hburg-Atown
  0547    Sinking Spring    East   212     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0707    Sinking Spring    West   25R     Atown-Hburg              9582
  0711    Sinking Spring    East   22V     Hburg-Atown              8773; Underpowered
  0717         Belt         East   KH02      RN Local           W
  0746    Sinking Spring    West   23M     Atown-Hburg
  0756    Sinking Spring    West   21E     Phila-Hburg
  0807         Belt         West   KH02      RN Local           W   Rn1543; 21 L 16 E
  0908    Sinking Spring    West   34A     Atown-Hburg              8352
  0918    Sinking Spring    West   94M     Readg-Hburg          W   8128/8455; Light Power Via Belt; To Dorf Pickup Car For Harrisburg
  1034    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  1035         Oley         East   H49     Readg-Phila          W   5070/3001; Work Timac, Hammond Lead, Pottstown Industrial
  1046    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1059    Sinking Spring    East   18N     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1131    Sinking Spring    West   15J     Atown-Hburg
  1145    Sinking Spring    East   KH03    Hburg-Readg          W   Espn1802; 6 Cars
  1201         Tulp         West   38G     Atown-Phila              Up4121
  1230    Sinking Spring    West   21M     Atown-Hburg              9490
  1250         Oley         East   K04     Readg-Phila          W   1619/4661/5607; 50 L For Port Richmond
  1307    Sinking Spring    East   36Q     Hburg-Atown
  1418    Sinking Spring    East   10N     Hburg-Atown    Thr       1084; Worked Yard From Belt
  1504         Belt         West   H68     Atown-Readg          W   9533
  1519    Sinking Spring    East   61N     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  1627    Sinking Spring    West   KH03    Readg-Hburg          W   Espn1802; Opposed
  1655    Sinking Spring    West   19G     Atown-Hburg          W   6784; Worked Yard, But Backed Out At Belt
  1705    Sinking Spring    West   15T     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  1807         Belt         East   H68     Readg-Atown          W   9925; 29 L 63 E; Three Hours Of Work At Buckeye
  1816        Leisey        West   H49     Phila-Readg          W   3001/5070; Back To Yard Via Belt
  1838         Belt         East   39G     Phila-Atown
  1902    Sinking Spring    West   60N     Phila-Hburg
  1917    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              8092
  1929    Sinking Spring    West   H31     Readg-Hburg          W   5669; Opposed
  1939    Sinking Spring    East   62V     Hburg-Atown              8035; Opposed
  2040    Sinking Spring    West   35Q     Atown-Hburg
  2138    Sinking Spring    West   17G     Phila-Hburg
  2155    Sinking Spring    West   25T     Phila-Hburg
  2212    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg
  2240         Belt         East   KH01      RN Local           W   Lgsr426/rn5014; 33 Cars
  2318         Belt         West   KH01      RN Local           W   Rn5014/lgsr426
  2318    Sinking Spring    East   16N     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  2331    Sinking Spring    East   20Q     Hburg-Phila
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
39	37	12	51

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
At 0245 heard HA45 talking at Allentown

MOW working at Oley all day replacing turnout.  Switch being thrown manually by MOW until 20:00.

At about 14:15 19G entered the yard from Belt and set off the height detector which will cause the train to be shoved back out at
 Belt when work is done.  At the same time KH03 was completing work in the yard, the H68 came in shortly after, and 10N went through
 Sinking Spring to work the yard after 19G, but from the Belt end.  So four trains were looking to work the yard at the same time around 15:00.

H72 was working within the confines of the yard during overnight hours.

Unusually light traffic for a Thursday.  Several extras ran on Wednesday which might account for this.

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