RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Sat,
Oct 25, 2014

  Time    Location          Dir   Symbol    Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0033    Sinking Spring    East   66W     Hburg-Phila              261, 11k, 25t, 25g Stopped To Let This One Through!
  0057    Sinking Spring    West   261     Atown-Hburg              6767; Opposed Around 16t At Wyo; Held At Tulp For 66w
  0112    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg              9790; Opposed Around 16t At Wyo; Held At Belt For 66w
  0128    Sinking Spring    West   25Z     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo
  0142    Sinking Spring    West   25T     Phila-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo
  0216    Sinking Spring    East   33A     Hburg-Atown              2512
  0404    Sinking Spring    West   25V     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo
  0427    Sinking Spring    West   23Z     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo
  0501    Sinking Spring    East   290     Hburg-Atown              Set Off Hot Box Detector At Axle 5 North Side;  Nothing Found
  0537    Sinking Spring    East   22V     Hburg-Atown
  0654         Oley         West   67W     Phila-Readg    Thr   Wk  9452; Will Park Train In Yard And Run Around It
  0714    Sinking Spring    West   15J     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t
  0834    Sinking Spring    West   21E     Phila-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo
  0856    Sinking Spring    West   25R     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t At Wyo; One Hour Left
  0934    Sinking Spring    East   36Q     Hburg-Atown              Recrewed At W Laurel; Departed At 1515
  0947    Sinking Spring    East   212     Hburg-Atown              8739
  1101         Belt         West   H68     Atown-Readg          Wk  9243
  1108    Sinking Spring    West   34A     Atown-Hburg              Opposed Around 16t; Pick Up 10 Set Off 12 At Hershey South
  1130    Sinking Spring    East   262     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1247    Sinking Spring    East   20R     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1346    Sinking Spring    West   21M     Atown-Hburg              9791
  1401    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              To Park At Sheridan (75 Signal)
  1424         Belt         East   H68     Readg-Atown          Wk  2512; 23 L 52 E; To Work Buckeye
  1434    Sinking Spring    East   294     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1450    Sinking Spring    East   927     Hburg-Readg              Opposed; To Dyers Then Crew To Take The 67w West From Yard
  1502    Sinking Spring    East   20E     Hburg-Atown              Opposed; 9921
  1517    Sinking Spring    East   506     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  1532    Sinking Spring    East   24K     Hburg-Phila              2656; Opposed
  1549    Sinking Spring    East   61Z     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  1633    Sinking Spring    West   19G     Atown-Hburg              7540
  1646    Sinking Spring    West   211     Atown-Hburg              6779
  1647         Belt         West   K34     Atown-Phila              Bnsf5073
  1713         Tulp         East   K34     Readg-Atown              9935; Parked For A Week; Recrewed X4 20141022.0800 & 1800; 20141023.0700; 1630
  1716    Sinking Spring    West   15T     Atown-Hburg              8942; Opposed
  1720    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              9262; Opposed
  1743    Sinking Spring    East   M0N     Hburg-Atown              1081; Opposed
  1802    Sinking Spring    East   20Q     Hburg-Phila              1040; Opposed
  1825    Sinking Spring    West   67W     Readg-Hburg          Wk  8387/6959; Opposed; Arrived Earlier And Recrewed In Yard
  1832    Sinking Spring    East   18N     Hburg-Atown              7582; Opposed
  2057    Sinking Spring    East   16G     Hburg-Atown              Ns6944/bnsf4623; Opposed; To Hold At West Laurel
  2137        Walnut        West   K34     Phila-Readg          Wk  7593; Tied Down In Yard
  2142    Sinking Spring    East   I4Z     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  2142    Sinking Spring    West   35Q     Atown-Hburg              Up8068; Opposed
  2203    Sinking Spring    East   61N     Hburg-Phila              Opposed; New Symbol
  2223    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown              9489; Opposed; To Work Bethlehem
  2322    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              9721/2697/8979/9857; Train Is Over 10000 Feet Which Presents An Issue At Conway
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
41	35	11	47

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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