RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Tue,
Apr 15, 2003

 Time    Location         Dir Symbol  ex-CR       Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
 0004   Sinking Spring    West 21R     TV-11      Atown-Hburg
 0020   Sinking Spring    West 17G     MOPI       Phila-Hburg
 0031     Valley Jct      West 961      ENG       Phila-Readg    Thr   Wk
 0040   Sinking Spring    East 16T     BIAL       Hburg-Atown
 0050   Sinking Spring    West 11K     ALPI       Atown-Hburg
 0056   Sinking Spring    East H48    WPRE-21     Hburg-Readg          Wk 25 Cars
 0106   Sinking Spring    East 20K     TV-10      Hburg-Atown             9766
 0121   Sinking Spring    East 20Q     TV-2M      Hburg-Phila             9238
 0207   Sinking Spring    West H48    WPRE-21     Readg-Hburg          Wk Light To Annville
 0225   Sinking Spring    West 25V    TV-61H      Atown-Hburg             7141
 0240   Sinking Spring    East 20G    TV-2HK      Hburg-Atown             8426
 0243   Sinking Spring    West 25K    TV-265      Atown-Hburg
 0258   Sinking Spring    West 23K                Atown-Hburg
 0353   Sinking Spring    West 65Q      XAN       Phila-Hburg    Thr
 0353   Sinking Spring    East 28A    RR262F      Hburg-Atown             9742
 0414   Sinking Spring    East 10A     PIRE       Hburg-Readg          Wk 9380
 0512   Sinking Spring    East 20E    MAIL-8M     Hburg-Phila
 0657   Sinking Spring    West 211    TV-211      Atown-Hburg
 0812   Sinking Spring    West 23M    TV-207      Atown-Hburg
 0821   Sinking Spring    West H33                Readg-Hburg          Wk 5000; To Work At Elk
 0918        Belt         East H47    WPRE-10     Readg-Atown          Wk 5076/1402; To Lyons Then Temple
 0922   Sinking Spring    West 21E    MAIL-9      Phila-Hburg             9371
 1005        Titus        West 44A     EDAL       Phila-Atown    Thr   Wk 9750
 1041   Sinking Spring    East 10N     PIBE       Hburg-Atown          Wk 9559; Drop One Unit At Belt
 1047   Sinking Spring    West 21M     TVLA       Atown-Hburg             8437
 1057     Valley Jct      East 48G     ALCA       Atown-Phila             2532
 1133   Sinking Spring    West 69J    PMT-01      Phila-Hburg             9171; Recrewed At Bobwhite
 1202   Sinking Spring    East 14G     PIML       Hburg-Phila             9765; Via Turkey Path
 1217        Titus        East H49    WPRE-22     Readg-Phila          Wk
 1248        Belt         West H47    WPRE-10     Atown-Readg          Wk 1402/5076; Worked Temple; 8 Empties
 1349        Titus        East H0R                Readg-Phila          Wk 1402; Light; Rescue For Dead Unit In Pottstown
 1423   Sinking Spring    East 16T     BIAL       Hburg-Atown             9745
 1443   Sinking Spring    East 33A     BAAL       Hburg-Atown
 1518   Sinking Spring    West 19G    OIPI-A      Atown-Hburg             8304
 1544        Titus        East 919      BAL       Readg-Phila          Wk 2551/9395; To Dyers
 1552        Belt         West H90    WPCH-11     Atown-Readg          Wk 7030
 1603   Sinking Spring    West H31    WPLE-33     Readg-Hburg          Wk 5015
 1604        Titus        West 49G     CAAL       Phila-Atown    Thr   Wk 9380; Drop 23 At Yard; Leave With 45
 1625   Sinking Spring    East H33                Hburg-Readg          Wk 5138
 1647   Sinking Spring    East 20W                Hburg-Atown             Opposed
 1710   Sinking Spring    East 16T     BIAL       Hburg-Atown             8700; Opposed; Unconfirmed
 1748        Titus        West H0R                Phila-Readg          Wk 1402
 1804        Belt         East H90    WPCH-11     Readg-Atown          Wk 6137; 25 L
 1818   Sinking Spring    East H31    WPLE-33     Hburg-Readg          Wk 5258; 3 Cars
 1824   Sinking Spring    West 261    RR-261      Atown-Hburg
 1827        Belt         West  RN    RNLocal       RN Local           Wk Rn802; 4 L 45 E
 1843        Belt         West 45A     ALED       Atown-Phila    Thr   Wk 8303
 2017        Belt         East  RN    RNLocal       RN Local           Wk Rn803; 31 L 6 E
 2139        Belt         West 11J     OIEN       Atown-Hburg             9164; To Be Recrewed At Dorf
 2214   Sinking Spring    West 11K     ALPI       Atown-Hburg             9254
 2228   Sinking Spring    East 506      UCH       Hburg-Phila    Thr
 2239   Sinking Spring    West 919      BAL       Phila-Hburg             9335/9295; Some Cars From Dyers For Mingo
 2242   Sinking Spring    East 20Q     TV-2M      Hburg-Phila
 2307   Sinking Spring    East 20R     TV-12      Hburg-Atown
 2312   Sinking Spring    West 25V    TV-61H      Atown-Hburg             Unconfirmed
 2332   Sinking Spring    West 21G                Atown-Hburg
 2347   Sinking Spring    East 24Z    TV-204      Hburg-Atown
 2357   Sinking Spring    East H48    WPRE-21     Hburg-Phila

Total trains through Sinking Spring (Detector 64.6): 45
Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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