RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Sat, Aug 3, 2002

 Time    Location         Dir  Symbol   ex-CR        Route          Yard   Engine # & Notes
 0019    Sinking Spring   East  20R      TV-12       Hburg-Atown           9460
 0029    Sinking Spring   West  11A      REPI        Readg-Hburg        Wk 9556
 0032    Sinking Spring   East  18G     PIOI A       Hburg-Atown           2578
 0041    Sinking Spring   West  21G                  Atown-Hburg           9189
 0110    Sinking Spring   East  24V     TV-62A       Hburg-Atown
 0131    Sinking Spring   West  21Q      TV-1        Phila-Hburg
 0148    Sinking Spring   West  25V     TV-61H       Atown-Hburg
 0204    Sinking Spring   West  921       BAL        Phila-Hburg           5376; 12 H’burgs 62 Mingo Jcts
 0216    Sinking Spring   West  11K      ALPI        Atown-Hburg           2576
 0322    Sinking Spring   West  25K     TV-265       Atown-Hburg
 0328    Sinking Spring   West  507      NS507       Phila-Hburg  Thr      Opposed; 95 Cars; Pick Up 65 At Womelsdorf
 0355    Sinking Spring   East  20Q      TV-2M       Hburg-Phila           Opposed
 0425    Sinking Spring   East  214     TV-214       Hburg-Atown           Opposed
 0457    Sinking Spring   West  41T      ALCN        Atown-Hburg
 0500    Sinking Spring   East  212     TV-212       Hburg-Atown
 0527    Sinking Spring   West  23K                  Atown-Hburg
 0543    Wyomissing Jct   East  H48     WPRE-21      Readg-Phila        Wk Ran Wyo - Tulp - Valley; To Pottstown
 0546    Sinking Spring   West  21V      TV-21       Phila-Hburg           4101
 0605    Sinking Spring   East  20K      TV-10       Hburg-Atown           9157
 0618    Sinking Spring   East  262     RR-262       Hburg-Atown
 0650    Sinking Spring   East  10A      PIRE        Hburg-Readg        Wk 9317
 0655    Sinking Spring   West  65Q       XAN        Phila-Hburg  Thr   Wk 8392; Drop 51 E In Yard For Birdsboro
 0702    Sinking Spring   East  20E     MAIL-8M      Hburg-Phila
 0740    Sinking Spring   West  34A      ALBA        Atown-Hburg           Opposed
 0748    Sinking Spring   West  23M     TV-207       Atown-Hburg
 0802    Sinking Spring   West  21E     MAIL-9       Phila-Hburg
 0819    Sinking Spring   West  69J     PMT-01       Phila-Hburg
 0911    Sinking Spring   East  685      NS685       Hburg-Readg        Wk Drop Train At R N; Drop 5381 In Yard; Power To H48
 0913         Belt        West   RN     RNLocal       RN Local          Wk Rn4321; 5 L 24 E
 0928         Belt        East  H47     WPRE-10      Readg-Atown        Wk 3009/1424; 20 Cars; To Lyons, Fleetwood
 1014    Sinking Spring   East  10N      PIBE        Hburg-Atown           9740; 117 Cars; Crippled At Belt
 1026         Belt        West  262     RR-262       Atown-Readg        Wk 8345; Light Power To Turn And Go Back To Allentown
 1117         Belt        East   RN     RNLocal       RN Local          Wk Rn3054
 1118        Titus        West  44A      EDAL        Phila-Atown  Thr   Wk 9454; Opposed Around Crippled H48
 1149      Valley Jct     East  48G      ALCA        Atown-Phila           6799
 1208         Belt        West  H47     WPRE-10      Atown-Readg        Wk 1424/3009
 1214         Belt        West  ???      EXTRA       Atown-Readg  Thr   Wk 6705; Change Crew; Wye Unit; P / U 5381 For A-town
 1240    Sinking Spring   West  21M      TVLA        Atown-Hburg
 1321    Sinking Spring   West  19G     OIPI-A       Atown-Hburg           9309; 7 Cars For Hershey; Pick Up 6 At Hershey
 1333    Sinking Spring   West  213     TV-213       Atown-Hburg
 1346         Belt        East  ???      EXTRA       Readg-Atown  Thr   Wk 9295; A-town Change Crew; Rescued 10 N
 1352        Titus        East  H47     WPRE-10      Readg-Phila           Crew Called It H49, Dispatch Says H47
 1424    Sinking Spring   West  H73     WPMH-41      Phila-Hburg  Thr      6605; 685 Power; Rescued H48; 47 Cars; Name Given
 1433        Titus        West  49G      CAAL        Phila-Atown  Thr   Wk Arrived With 138 Cars; Departed With 83 Cars
 1606        Titus        West  H47     WPRE-10      Phila-Readg        Wk Light Power
 1703    Sinking Spring   East  14G      PIML        Hburg-Phila
 1703    Sinking Spring   East  33A      BAAL        Hburg-Atown           Opposed
 1750    Sinking Spring   West  15T      ALBI        Atown-Hburg
 1843    Sinking Spring   West  261     RR-261       Atown-Hburg
 1940         Belt        West  45A      ALED        Atown-Phila  Thr   Wk 9238; Drop Readings & Lebanons; Pick Up 17 Cars
 2009    Sinking Spring   East  16T      BIAL        Hburg-Atown
 2130    Sinking Spring   East  68J     MTP-04       Hburg-Phila           9329; Opposed
 2212    Sinking Spring   West  25V     TV-61H       Hburg-Atown           Opposed
 2232    Sinking Spring   East  18N     ML-440       Hburg-Atown           Opposed
 2237    Sinking Spring   West  21R      TV-11       Atown-Hburg           Opposed
 2343    Sinking Spring   East  534       USD        Hburg-Readg        Wk 9656; Light Power; Dropped Train At Womelsdorf
 2354    Sinking Spring   West  11K      ALPI        Atown-Hburg
 2356    Sinking Spring   East  24V     TV-62A       Hburg-Atown

Total trains through Sinking Spring (Detector 64.6): 44
Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Special Notes:
At 2200 45A struck a vehicle in Pottstown near MP 38.5 closing both tracks.
At 2315 21Q went into emergency near Hammer (MP 38) - just east of the new crossovers.

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