RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Sun, Jul 28, 2002

 Time    Location         Dir  Symbol   ex-CR        Route          Yard   Engine # & Notes
 0015    Sinking Spring   West  11K      ALPI        Atown-Hburg
 0035    Sinking Spring   East  24Z     TV-204       Hburg-Atown
 0042    Sinking Spring   West  21Q      TV-1        Phila-Hburg
 0106    Sinking Spring   East  18G     PIOI A       Hburg-Atown           Unconfirmed
 0121    Sinking Spring   West  11A      REPI        Readg-Hburg        Wk 9549
 0134    Sinking Spring   West  23M     TV-207       Atown-Hburg           2557
 0228    Sinking Spring   West  41T      ALCN        Atown-Hburg
 0232    Sinking Spring   East  20R      TV-12       Hburg-Atown           9258
 0303    Sinking Spring   East  20Q      TV-2M       Hburg-Phila           Via Turkey Path
 0540    Sinking Spring   East  922       BAL        Hburg-Phila           9152; To Dyers; " Star Wars Train "; Herzog Cars
 0558    Sinking Spring   East  20K      TV-10       Hburg-Atown           To Work Bethlehem
 0604         Lawn        West  X48                  Area Local         Wk 9451; Worked Titus, Lawn
 0708    Sinking Spring   West  34A      ALBA        Atown-Hburg           9727
 0726    Sinking Spring   East  24V     TV-62A       Hburg-Atown           8366
 0800    Sinking Spring   East  212     TV-212       Hburg-Atown
 0838    Sinking Spring   West  67Z     PFE-03       Phila-Hburg
 0850    Sinking Spring   West  11J      OIEN        Atown-Hburg
 0853        Titus        West  49G      CAAL        Phila-Atown  Thr   Wk 8961; Drop Conways; P/u 29 A-towns
 0911    Sinking Spring   East  10A      PIRE        Hburg-Readg        Wk 9224
 0933    Sinking Spring   East  10N      PIBE        Hburg-Atown
 1003    Sinking Spring   West  21M      TVLA        Atown-Hburg
 1004        Titus        West  44A      EDAL        Phila-Atown  Thr   Wk 9366
 1056    Sinking Spring   East  I62    RR-262-X      Hburg-Atown           Opposed; Picked Up Engines At Lawn
 1108    Sinking Spring   West  19G     OIPI-A       Atown-Hburg           6798; Opposed
 1122      Valley Jct     East  48G      ALCA        Atown-Phila           Via Turkey Path
 1159    Sinking Spring   West  X50                  Readg-Hburg           9222; Opposed; Worked Womelsdorf
 1219        Titus        East  H49     WPRE-22      Readg-Phila        Wk 3009; To Dyers Then Pottstown
 1310    Sinking Spring   East  33A      BAAL        Hburg-Atown           Opposed
 1321         Belt        West  H90     WPCH-11      Atown-Readg        Wk 4036/3012
 1358    Sinking Spring   East  X50                  Hburg-Readg  Thr      9222; To Titus With 65 Loads From Womelsdorf
 1518    Sinking Spring   East  16T      BIAL        Hburg-Atown
 1525         Belt        East  H90     WPCH-11      Readg-Atown        Wk
 1539    Sinking Spring   West  920       BAL        Atown-Hburg           9570; Opposed; Only 8 Cars
 1612        Titus        West  H49     WPRE-22      Phila-Readg        Wk 3009; 19 L 13 E
 1716    Sinking Spring   West  507      NS507       Phila-Hburg  Thr      9392; Picked Up 60 At Lawn
 1753    Sinking Spring   East  20E     MAIL-8M      Hburg-Phila
 1812    Sinking Spring   East  14G      PIML        Hburg-Phila
 1820         Belt        West   RN     RNLocal       RN Local          Wk Rn4321; 1 L 5 E
 1823    Sinking Spring   West  15T      ALBI        Atown-Hburg
 1832    Sinking Spring   East  20T     TV-20T       Hburg-Atown           Unconfirmed
 1847    Sinking Spring   East  40T      CNAL        Hburg-Atown
 1927         Belt        West  45A      ALED        Atown-Phila  Thr   Wk
 1931        Titus        West  X50                  Phila-Readg        Wk 9025; Worked At Dyers
 1932         Belt        East   RN     RNLocal       RN Local          Wk Rn4321; 2 L 4 E
 2015    Sinking Spring   East  I0R     TV-12-X      Hburg-Atown
 2056    Sinking Spring   East  H36                  Hburg-Readg        Wk 3057/2217/5276
 2120    Sinking Spring   East  18N     ML-440       Hburg-Atown
 2133    Sinking Spring   East  ???      EXTRA       Hburg-Atown           7119
 2308    Sinking Spring   West  21R      TV-11       Atown-Hburg           9347; Unconfirmed
 2323    Sinking Spring   West  H36                  Readg-Hburg        Wk
 2346    Sinking Spring   East  30J     CPR-558      Hburg-Phila           Cp9017; Via Turkey Path
 2350    Sinking Spring   West  11K      ALPI        Atown-Hburg

Total trains through Sinking Spring (Detector 64.6): 40
Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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