RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Tue, May 07, 2002

 Time   Location          Dir  Symbol   ex-CR     Route           Yard    Engine # & Notes
 0027        Dorf         Both  24V    TV-62A      Area Local             9472; Light Reversed Back To H-burg For Train
 0044   Sinking Spring    West  25K    TV-265     Atown-Hburg             9661
 0050   Sinking Spring    East  20Q     TV-2M     Hburg-Phila
 0101   Sinking Spring    West  23K               Atown-Hburg
 0105   Sinking Spring    East  20K     TV-10     Hburg-Atown
 0124   Sinking Spring    West  11A     REPI      Readg-Hburg          Wk 9453
 0130   Sinking Spring    East  214    TV-214     Hburg-Atown             9253
 0203   Sinking Spring    West  685     NS685     Readg-Hburg             9395; Light To Millards
 0228   Sinking Spring    West  67Z    PFE-03     Phila-Hburg    Thr
 0238   Sinking Spring    West  41T     ALCN      Atown-Hburg             Held At Tulp For 90 Minutes
 0241   Sinking Spring    East  20G    TV-2HK     Hburg-Atown
 0250   Sinking Spring    West  25V    TV-61H     Atown-Hburg
 0310   Sinking Spring    West  65Q      XAN      Phila-Hburg    Thr      9440
 0412   Sinking Spring    East  262    RR-262     Hburg-Atown
 0426   Sinking Spring    East  20E    MAIL-8M    Hburg-Phila
 0455   Sinking Spring    East  24V    TV-62A     Hburg-Atown             With A Train This Time
 0515   Sinking Spring    East  18G    PIOI A     Hburg-Atown             9472
 0602   Sinking Spring    West  23M    TV-207     Atown-Hburg             8703; Opposed Around 211
 0608   Sinking Spring    West  211    TV-211     Atown-Hburg             6805
 0658   Sinking Spring    West  34A     ALBA      Atown-Hburg             2586
 0842   Sinking Spring    West  21E    MAIL-9     Phila-Hburg
 0910   Sinking Spring    East  H48    WPRE-21    Hburg-Phila    Thr   Wk 9328; Dropped 65 At Dorf And 25 Edgemoors At Yard
 0937   Sinking Spring    East  10A     PIRE      Hburg-Readg          Wk Routed To Belt And Reversed Into Yard
 0949   Sinking Spring    West  21M     TVLA      Atown-Hburg
 1016        Belt         East  H47    WPRE-10    Readg-Atown          Wk 5321; 2 L 10 E For Evansville
 1107        Titus        West  44A     EDAL      Phila-Atown    Thr   Wk 9428
 1221   Sinking Spring    East  14G     PIML      Hburg-Phila
 1222        Titus        East  H49    WPRE-22    Readg-Phila          Wk 5025
 1228        Belt         West  H90    WPCH-11    Atown-Readg          Wk 3444; 37 Cars
 1257   Sinking Spring    West  11J     OIEN      Atown-Hburg             9536
 1306     Valley Jct      East  48G     ALCA      Atown-Phila
 1316   Sinking Spring    East  33A     BAAL      Hburg-Atown             9404; 43 Cars
 1326       Laurel        West  H47    WPRE-10    Atown-Readg          Wk 5321; 10 L 2 E
 1342   Sinking Spring    West  19G    OIPI-A     Atown-Hburg             6796
 1410   Sinking Spring    West  69J    PMT-01     Phila-Hburg    Thr      9650
 1411        Titus        West  49G     CAAL      Phila-Atown    Thr   Wk
 1449        Belt         East  H90    WPCH-11    Readg-Atown          Wk 5277; 13 L For Chapman
 1533        Titus        West  H49    WPRE-22    Phila-Readg          Wk 5025
 1721   Sinking Spring    West  15T     ALBI      Atown-Hburg
 1734   Sinking Spring    West  569     NS569     Phila-Hburg    Thr
 1735   Sinking Spring    East  I0V    TV-20-X    Hburg-Phila             2509
 1746   Sinking Spring    East  20W               Hburg-Atown             9691
 1749       Laurel        West   RN    RNLocal      RN Local              Rn1546; To Belt And Reverse To No. Reading Yard
 1759   Sinking Spring    East  508    UPS/UMR    Hburg-Atown             3396; Set Off At Dorf
 1809   Sinking Spring    East  H31    WPLE-33    Hburg-Readg          Wk
 1828   Sinking Spring    East  40T     CNAL      Hburg-Atown
 1841        Belt         West   RN    RNLocal      RN Local           Wk Rn5022; 11 L 37 E For Spring Street
 1901   Sinking Spring    West  H31    WPLE-33    Readg-Hburg          Wk
 1906        Titus        West  17G     MOPI      Phila-Readg          Wk Terminated At Reading; 57 Conways
 1910   Sinking Spring    East  16T     BIAL      Hburg-Atown             9462
 1933   Sinking Spring    East  18N    ML-440     Hburg-Atown
 2023   Sinking Spring    West  261    RR-261     Atown-Hburg
 2024        Belt         West  45A     ALED      Atown-Phila    Thr   Wk 9282; Drop Readings
 2051   Sinking Spring    West  924      BAL      Phila-Hburg             5264/9716; 54 From Dyers To Cleona
 2056   Sinking Spring    East  H38               Hburg-Readg          Wk 5511; Called As H36; Worked Browns
 2136   Sinking Spring    West  213    TV-213     Atown-Hburg             7147
 2208   Sinking Spring    East  66Z    FEP-04     Hburg-Phila
 2221   Sinking Spring    East  64Q      UAP      Hburg-Phila
 2230        Dyers       Undef  H15    WPAN-50    Phila-Readg             6723/6698; Worked Dyers Then Parked
 2245        Belt         East   RN    RNLocal      RN Local           Wk Rn7525
 2303   Sinking Spring    West  H38               Readg-Hburg          Wk Called As H36
 2331   Sinking Spring    West  21G               Atown-Hburg
 2342   Sinking Spring    West  21Q     TV-1      Phila-Hburg
 2350   Sinking Spring    East  10N     PIBE      Hburg-Atown             8402

Total trains through Sinking Spring (Detector 64.6): 48
Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.

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