RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Mon,
Oct 18, 2021

  Time    Location          Dir     Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0124         Belt         West    H68      Atown-Readg         W
  0145    Sinking Spring    West    19G      Atown-Hburg         W   7523;  Worked Yard From Belt For Almost 6 Hours
  0153         Belt         East    H44      Phila-Atown
  0247         Water        East    H72      Readg-Atown    Thr  W   Worked 11th St Branch
  0256    Sinking Spring    West    21G      Phila-Hburg
  0336         Belt         East    H72        RN Local     Thr  W   21 Cars For R & N
  0346    Sinking Spring    West    39G      Phila-Hburg    Thr  W   8171; Working Since 1930; Opposed; Setout Only
  0355    Sinking Spring    East    38G      Hburg-Phila             Opposed
  0414    Sinking Spring    East    294      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  0449    Sinking Spring    West    63V      Atown-Hburg
  0451         Belt         West    H72        RN Local          W   Back From No Reading
  0511    Sinking Spring    East    20E      Hburg-Atown
  0601    Sinking Spring    East    26E      Hburg-Phila             Opposed
  0740    Sinking Spring    West    201      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   Opposed; Dropped Cars And Picked Up 6 In Yard
  0759    Sinking Spring    East    18N      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  0844    Sinking Spring    West    21E      Phila-Hburg             7532
  0907         Belt         East    H47      Readg-Atown         W   5630/5265; 3 Cars For Evansville
  0946    Sinking Spring    East    212      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  1009    Sinking Spring    East    38G      Hburg-Phila             Via Turkey Path
  1035    Sinking Spring    East    202      Hburg-Atown             4453; Opposed
  1116    Sinking Spring    West    23M      Atown-Hburg             Opposed; Unconfirmed
  1200    Sinking Spring    East    62V      Atown-Hburg             3650; Opposed
  1240    Sinking Spring    East    10K      Hburg-Atown         W   3658; Opposed; Work Yard From Belt; Tied Down At Laurel
  1247         Belt         West    H47      Atown-Readg         W   From Evansville
  1300    Sinking Spring    East    294      Hburg-Atown             4188; Opposed
  1326    Sinking Spring    East    30A      Hburg-Atown             9722; Opposed
  1347    Sinking Spring    East    24Z      Hburg-Phila             4197; Opposed; Via Turkey Path; Used To Go Toward Allentown
  1543    Sinking Spring    West    21M      Atown-Hburg             9966
  1559    Sinking Spring    West    67E      Phila-Hburg             7557; Via Turpath; Wyed Power; Trip Optomizer Issues
  1606    Sinking Spring    East    20W      Hburg-Atown             9741
  1613    Sinking Spring    West    23Z      Atown-Hburg
  1642    Wyomissing Jct    East    H49      Readg-Phila         W   To Cumru Via Wyomissing Jct
  1724    Sinking Spring    East    20R      Hburg-Atown
  1746    Sinking Spring    East    20V      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  1815    Sinking Spring    West    H31      Readg-Hburg         W   Opposed; Unconfirmed
  1930        Lorane        West    521      Phila-Readg             9587; Drop 91 Cars In No Reading Yard
  2201    Sinking Spring    West    11K      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   1067; Opposed
  2223    Sinking Spring    West    521      Readg-Hburg             Opposed; Light From No Reading To Dyers Then Annville
  2302    Sinking Spring    East    30A      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  2359    Sinking Spring    West    39G      Phila-Hburg             Via Turkey Path
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
31	27	12	40

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0745 - Maintainer on main 1 MP54 to MP57
 0750 - Maintainer on main 1 & 2 Dunkel to Cumru
 0810 - H99 working in yard
 0930 - Maintainer on main 2 Cumru to Bird
 1130 - Dispatcher reporting issues with software
 1130 - H33 working in yard
 1315 - Dispatcher reported switch failure at Belt and talking trains by it
 1800 - H33 picked up H99 (unsure where, but it was in the yard near Belt)
 1825 - 11K reported a trailer on fire near Belt burning wires probably causing switch/communication failure

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