RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Tue,
Oct 23, 2018

  Time    Location          Dir     Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0025         Belt         East    H73      Readg-Atown         W   5304/5661; 19 L 0 E To Lyons
  0112    Sinking Spring    West    35Q      Atown-Hburg
  0124    Sinking Spring    West    17G      Phila-Hburg             Was Held At Leisey Over An Hour
  0131         Belt         East    KH02       RN Local          W
  0134         Belt         West    KH02       RN Local          W   Rn5034; 91 Cars
  0142         Belt         West    H89      Atown-Readg         W   9936; 23 Cars
  0211    Sinking Spring    West    25T      Phila-Hburg
  0300    Sinking Spring    East    20W      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  0318    Sinking Spring    East    16N      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  0329    Sinking Spring    East    H31      Hburg-Readg         W   Worked Ppc
  0343    Sinking Spring    West    23Z      Atown-Hburg             Recrewed At Belt
  0355    Sinking Spring    East    10N      Hburg-Atown    Thr  W   3676; Dropped 47 Cars
  0415    Sinking Spring    West    25R      Atown-Hburg
  0418    Sinking Spring    East    22V      Hburg-Atown
  0435         Belt         West    H73      Atown-Readg         W   Worked Deka; 11 Cars
  0510    Sinking Spring    East    30A      Hburg-Atown             New Symbol? Maybe 33a?
  0518    Sinking Spring    East    20Q      Hburg-Phila             8119; Reported With Hot Wheel In Myerstown; Opposed
  0546    Sinking Spring    West    ???      Atown-Hburg             Not Calling Signals
  0548         Belt         West    H68      Atown-Readg         W
  0624    Sinking Spring    West    25V      Atown-Hburg
  0634         Belt         East    39G      Phila-Atown             Unusual Time Of Day
  0645         Belt         West    KH02       RN Local          W   Rn1541/1540; Light Power
  0647    Sinking Spring    East    24Z      Hburg-Atown             4004
  0719    Sinking Spring    East    26E      Hburg-Atown             1054
  0739    Sinking Spring    East    I0R      Hburg-Atown             1029
  0752    Sinking Spring    West    25Z      Atown-Hburg             8088
  0831    Sinking Spring    West    23M      Atown-Hburg             7528
  0844    Sinking Spring    West    21E      Phila-Hburg             8167
  0906         Belt         East    H89      Readg-Atown         W
  0907    Sinking Spring    West    211      Atown-Hburg             Not Calling Signals
  0939    Sinking Spring    East    20E      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  1003         Oley         East    H49      Readg-Phila         W   5661
  1011    Sinking Spring    East    61N      Hburg-Phila             9485
  1035    Sinking Spring    East    62V      Hburg-Atown             9238
  1056         Belt         East    KH02       RN Local          W   Rn1540; 75 L 8 E; Second Run; Didn't Cross Until 1155
  1057         Belt         East    H68      Readg-Atown         W   6710
  1103    Sinking Spring    West    11J      Atown-Hburg             8969
  1128         Belt         East    H47      Readg-Atown         W   3001/5303; Work Topton, Fleetwood
  1151         Bird         West    94M      Phila-Readg             Pottstown To Dyers
  1217    Sinking Spring    East    14G      Hburg-Phila             1043
  1235    Sinking Spring    West    21M      Atown-Hburg
  1300    Sinking Spring    East    20K      Hburg-Atown             3605
  1317    Sinking Spring    East    18N      Hburg-Atown             9383
  1344    Sinking Spring    West    19G      Atown-Hburg    Thr  W   8104
  1345    Sinking Spring    East    KH03     Hburg-Readg         W   Espn1802; 6 Cars
  1414         Tulp         West    38G      Atown-Phila             9930; Will Be Held At Cumru
  1416    Sinking Spring    East    36Q      Hburg-Atown
  1451    Sinking Spring    West    I5Z      Atown-Hburg             8324
  1515        Lorane        West    94M      Phila-Readg         W   4039/9880 + 3 Via Bird To Yard Light Power
  1521    Sinking Spring    East    6T4      Hburg-Phila             1119; New Unusual Symbol
  1526    Sinking Spring    West    15T      Atown-Hburg             3621; Stalled At Wyo Then Started Again
  1559    Sinking Spring    West    KH03     Readg-Hburg         W   Gmtx 1802; Opposed
  1612         Belt         West    H47      Atown-Readg         W   5303
  1613    Sinking Spring    West    63V      Atown-Hburg             Recrewed At Belt
  1625    Sinking Spring    West    932      Readg-Hburg             9675; From Dyers
  1732    Sinking Spring    East    16N      Hburg-Atown             8144
  1758         Titus        West    H49      Phila-Readg         W
  1858    Sinking Spring    East    20W      Hburg-Atown             Opposed
  1925    Sinking Spring    West    11K      Atown-Hburg
  1932    Sinking Spring    West    H31      Readg-Hburg         W
  1942    Sinking Spring    East    10N      Hburg-Atown    Thr  W   4153; Set Out 53 Cars
  2007    Sinking Spring    West    63V      Atown-Hburg
  2131      West Laurel     East    39G      Phila-Atown
  2139    Sinking Spring    East    24Q      Hburg-Atown             2686; New Symbol
  2235    Sinking Spring    West    34A      Atown-Hburg             Unconfirmed
  2322    Sinking Spring    East    294      Hburg-Atown             9837; Opposed
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
47	50	14	66

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0002 - KH02 asked for headroom at Belt for a move- was lined toward the switching lead
 0235 - Dispatcher spoke to 23Z about tying down at Belt because of 24-hour PTC cutover
        on Pittsburgh Line-- Much eastbound traffic on the way
 0825 - Maintainer working at CP-Lorane track one until 0930
 1100-1800 H33 worked yard only
 1215-1315 - Maintainer from Walnut to Lorane on one
 1620 - Dispatcher has 63V and 932 behind stopping at Prescott for a traffic issue ahead of it
 1640 - Dispatcher talking to 38G and 6T4 saying they may have problems with TOLs at Cromby
 2100 - Hearing Allentown Yard movements

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