RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Mon,
Oct 16, 2017

  Time    Location         Dir Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0003    Sinking Spring    East   33A     Hburg-Atown              Opposed; Barely Calling Signals
  0027    Sinking Spring    West   25T     Phila-Hburg
  0156    Sinking Spring    East   20Q     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  0301    Sinking Spring    East   22V     Hburg-Atown              7593; Opposed; P/u 8 In Bethlehem
  0409    Sinking Spring    East   62V     Hburg-Atown
  0426         Belt         East   H73     Readg-Atown          W   Ns5664/5070; Push-pull; 18 Cars For Lyons And Lentz
  0524    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              9937; Opposed; Also Opposed At Blandon On T A
  0644    Sinking Spring    West   23Z     Atown-Hburg              3661; Air Dumped In Tulp - Bad Gasket On Second Engine
  0650         Belt         West   KH02      RN Local           W   Rn1541/1543; Light To 2 Runner (rn Yjnr)
  0656    Sinking Spring    West   23M     Atown-Hburg              2622
  0658    Sinking Spring    East   16N     Hburg-Atown
  0739    Sinking Spring    East   I4K     Hburg-Phila
  0801         Belt         West   H73     Atown-Readg          W   5070/5664; To 11th St Industrial For Lentz
  0810         Belt         East   KH02      RN Local           W   Rn1543/1541; 56 L 10 E
  0824    Sinking Spring    East   20R     Hburg-Atown              9765
  0828    Sinking Spring    West   21J     Phila-Hburg              9946; Returned Symbol
  0856    Sinking Spring    West   35Q     Atown-Hburg              6698; Opposed
  0908    Sinking Spring    West   21M     Atown-Hburg              2705
  0930    Sinking Spring    East   24Z     Hburg-Atown              4017
  1000    Sinking Spring    East   20E     Hburg-Atown              9964
  1011    Sinking Spring    East   24K     Hburg-Phila              6939; Opposed
  1023         Oley         East   H49     Readg-Phila          W   5663/3001
  1030         Belt         East   H47     Readg-Atown          W   5664/5070; 9 Cars
  1120    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              8145; Opposed
  1124    Sinking Spring    East   212     Hburg-Atown              9662; Opposed
  1221        Leisey        East   38G     Atown-Phila
  1222         Belt         West   H68     Atown-Readg          W
  1258    Sinking Spring    West   19G     Atown-Hburg    Thr   W   9562; Detector High At Belt 1055
  1344    Sinking Spring    East   36Q     Hburg-Atown              Up2554
  1351         Belt         East   H68     Readg-Atown          W   Ns1034/2735; 8 L 34 E
  1401    Sinking Spring    East   10N     Hburg-Atown    Thr   W   Ns9230; S/o 58 Cars; Left Yard With 27 L 22 E At 1540
  1428    Sinking Spring    East   KH03    Hburg-Readg          W   Gmtx2801; 7 Cars; Held For 3 Since 1055
  1443    Sinking Spring    East   94M     Hburg-Readg          W   5303
  1552         Belt         West   H47     Atown-Readg          W   From Evansville Industrial
  1552    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown              6990; Opposed; Walked Through Replaced Switch At Wyo
  1629    Sinking Spring    West   KH03    Readg-Hburg          W   Gmtx2801; Opposed
  1716         Oley         West   39G     Phila-Atown    Thr
  1807    Sinking Spring    East   61N     Hburg-Phila              9492
  1851        Walnut        West   H49     Phila-Readg          W
  1905    Sinking Spring    West   15T     Atown-Hburg              Was Held At Tulp Since 1715 For Track Maintenance
  1925    Sinking Spring    West   60N     Phila-Hburg              9952; Tied Down 1200 Then Recrewed At Leisey
  1931    Sinking Spring    East   I4Z     Hburg-Atown              9816
  1934    Sinking Spring    West   H31     Readg-Hburg          W   5070/5664; 18 L 0 E; Work Elk, Chem, Ppc
  2013    Sinking Spring    East   33A     Hburg-Atown              5611; High And Wide Load In Train
  2025    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              Up5013
  2053    Sinking Spring    West   34A     Atown-Hburg              9512; Pickup At General Mills
  2106    Sinking Spring    East   18N     Hburg-Atown
  2140    Sinking Spring    West   17G     Phila-Hburg              9973; Not Calling Signals
  2234    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg              2735
  2259    Sinking Spring    West   25R     Atown-Hburg              7626; Calling Signals As 24r
  2347    Sinking Spring    East   16N     Hburg-Atown              9707
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
39	37	12	51

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0130 Heard HA21 working in Allentown Yard
 0230 Heard HA25 working in Allentown Yard
 0538 Heard 18.8 detector in Topton!
 0640 Heard H73 clearly working Lyons (East Penn Mfg)
 0810-1440 Maintainer working between MP61 and MP62 preparing for ballasting on track 1
 1120 Dispatcher talked to maintainer about switch replacement at Wyomissing
 1350 Track 1 from Dorf to Millards under maintainer control until 1530
 1450 Track 1 Blandon to Alburtis under maintainer control
 1715 Maintainer takes track 1 till 2000 from Wyo to Dorf for track and signal work
 1630 Maintainer gave Wyo back with first two trains at 10mph in Wyo then 25mph
 2115 All maintainer areas released back to dispatcher
 2215 OSS notified 11K of an extra car in the train at position 21 (empty not dangerous)
 2305 Maintainer at West Laurel until 0200 to repair broken bar causing TOL

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