RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Sun,
Oct 15, 2017

  Time    Location         Dir Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0024    Sinking Spring    East   294     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0130    Sinking Spring    East   64K     Hburg-Atown    Thr
  0138    Sinking Spring    West   17G     Phila-Hburg
  0210    Sinking Spring    East   I4Z     Hburg-Atown              8164
  0211    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg
  0244    Sinking Spring    West   25T     Phila-Hburg
  0301    Sinking Spring    West   25Z     Atown-Hburg
  0352    Sinking Spring    East   22V     Hburg-Atown              2262; Opposed; Train Developing Hot Wheel And Will Stop At Belt
  0423    Sinking Spring    West   25R     Atown-Hburg
  0442    Sinking Spring    East   290     Hburg-Atown
  0501         Dyers        West   63X     Phila-Readg
  0549    Sinking Spring    East   16N     Hburg-Atown              9846
  0621    Sinking Spring    East   20E     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0629    Sinking Spring    West   25V     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  0647    Sinking Spring    West   23Z     Atown-Hburg              7619; Opposed
  0700    Sinking Spring    East   24K     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  0713         Belt         West   KH02      RN Local           W   Rbmn1541/1543
  0804    Sinking Spring    West   35Q     Hburg-Atown              9015
  0833    Sinking Spring    West   21M     Atown-Hburg              7000
  0908         Belt         East   KH02      RN Local           W   Rn1543/1541; 50 L 39 E
  0911    Sinking Spring    East   36Q     Hburg-Atown              7035
  0919    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              9724
  0923         Belt         West   H68     Atown-Readg          W   8128
  1017    Sinking Spring    East   20R     Hburg-Atown              8323; Opposed; Recrew At Belt
  1027         Belt         East   H68     Readg-Atown          W   9058 + 2 Light Power
  1133    Sinking Spring    East   10N     Hburg-Atown    Thr   W   9745; Dropped 44 Cars
  1205    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1234        Leisey        East   38G     Atown-Phila              8946
  1306    Sinking Spring    West   19G     Atown-Hburg              9893
  1322    Sinking Spring    East   62V     Hburg-Atown              Uncertain Symbol
  1533    Sinking Spring    East   212     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1624    Sinking Spring    East   18N     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1734    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1817         Oley         East   39G     Phila-Atown    Thr
  1830    Sinking Spring    West   15T     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  1937    Sinking Spring    East   20W     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  2116    Sinking Spring    East   14G     Hburg-Phila              Opposed
  2143    Sinking Spring    West   65K     Atown-Hburg              7702; Opposed
  2220    Sinking Spring    West   25W     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  2248    Sinking Spring    East   294     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  2303         Oley         East   H72      Readg Yard          W   May Be Shifting Yard
  2324    Sinking Spring    West   34A     Atown-Hburg              Opposed; P/u 3 At Hershey
  2325    Sinking Spring    East   290     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  2339    Sinking Spring    West   11K     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  2351         Dyers        East   62W     Readg-Phila              6723; Wyed Power And Had To Unbury Train Since 1650
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
37	38	8	45

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
 0100 Was able to hear 294 call signal 19 on Reading Line
 0151 Heard I4Z calling signal 75 on Harrisburg Line
 0305 Heard a CSX dispatcher talking to Q404 about the grade on the Trenton Line vs the River Line
 0230-0330 hearing HA25 and HA21 Allentown jobs
 0530 290 reported trespasser near CP-Laurel
 0600 Heard CSX dispatcher talking to trains about CP-3 and CP-5 (River Line)
 0747 Maintainers took Center to MP 64 both mains until 20:00
 0750 Heard R&N 425 talking during train makeup in No Reading
 0930 Heard HA15 Allentown job
 1650-2330(approx) 62W had to wye power and had to unbury train from industrial east
 2140 Heard Lehigh Line Disp talked to H89 at Chapmans

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