RailScan - Railroad Traffic Around Reading, PA
Recorded Wed,
Oct 19, 2016

  Time    Location         Dir Symbol   Route          Yard     Engine # & Notes
  0008    Sinking Spring    East   294     Hburg-Atown
  0020         Belt         East   H73     Readg-Atown          W   3001; Worked Lentz; To Lyons
  0022    Sinking Spring    East   14G     Hburg-Phila
  0041         Belt         West   KH01      RN Local           W   Rn3053
  0102    Sinking Spring    West   67Z     Atown-Hburg
  0106    Sinking Spring    East   20R     Hburg-Atown              9344
  0151    Sinking Spring    East   16N     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0201         Belt         West   H73     Readg-Atown          W   5070
  0221    Sinking Spring    East   H31     Hburg-Readg          W   Worked Ppc And F M Browns
  0242    Sinking Spring    East   Z6Z     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0252    Sinking Spring    East   24Q     Hburg-Atown    Thr       1158
  0311    Sinking Spring    East   22V     Hburg-Atown
  0327    Sinking Spring    West   25Z     Atown-Hburg              Not Calling Signals Until Sheridan
  0343    Sinking Spring    West   25V     Atown-Hburg              2603
  0405    Sinking Spring    East   24Z     Hburg-Atown
  0418    Sinking Spring    East   36Q     Hburg-Atown              Unconfirmed Symbol
  0431    Sinking Spring    East   212     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  0525    Sinking Spring    West   25R     Atown-Hburg
  0540    Sinking Spring    West   23Z     Atown-Hburg              8885
  0552    Sinking Spring    East   20E     Hburg-Atown
  0608    Sinking Spring    East   24K     Hburg-Phila
  0657         Belt         East   KH02      RN Local           W
  0726    Sinking Spring    West   34A     Atown-Hburg
  0742    Sinking Spring    West   23M     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  0751    Sinking Spring    West   211     Atown-Hburg
  0802    Sinking Spring    West   21E     Phila-Hburg              Opposed
  0810        Leisey        West   521     Phila-Readg              8128; Tied Down At 0320 At Leisey; 94m Crew Delivered To R&n
  0930         Belt         West   KH02      RN Local           W   62 L 4 E
  0932         Belt         West   94M       RN Local           W   Dropped Off The 521 In No Reading Then To Spring Street
  1029         Belt         East   H47     Readg-Atown          W   5661/5669; 13 Cars For Evansville
  1042         Oley         East   H49     Readg-Phila          W   5070/3001; P/u Dyers Cars At Lawn Then Dyers, Pottstown, Steel
  1046         Belt         East   KH05      RN Local               Rn2003; Scissors Move Via Yard Lead For Temple; New Symbol
  1052    Sinking Spring    West   19G     Atown-Hburg    Thr   W   9970; Set Off Height Detector At Belt On Axles 330 & 334
  1106    Sinking Spring    East   10N     Hburg-Atown    Thr   W   8320; 34 L 87 E After Working Yard
  1145    Sinking Spring    West   94M     Readg-Hburg          W   8455/8128; 29 Cars For Annville
  1215    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown              9643
  1229    Sinking Spring    East   18N     Hburg-Atown
  1253    Sinking Spring    West   21M     Atown-Hburg              3629
  1308        Laurel        West   KH05      RN Local               Rn2003; Light Power Back To No Reading Yard Via Belt
  1310    Sinking Spring    West   11J     Atown-Hburg              9509; Recrewed At Tulp Approx 1150
  1329    Sinking Spring    West   507     Atown-Hburg              9227; Opposed
  1353        Leisey        East   38G     Atown-Phila              9026
  1411         Belt         West   H68     Atown-Readg          W
  1507    Sinking Spring    West   65K     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  1539    Sinking Spring    East   94M     Hburg-Readg          W   8128
  1605         Dyers        West   63W     Phila-Readg              8167; To H & B And Dyers
  1655         Belt         East   H68     Readg-Atown          W   1134; 4 L 38 E
  1721         Belt         West   H47     Atown-Readg          W   From Evansville
  1727    Sinking Spring    West   15T     Atown-Hburg              Opposed
  1732    Sinking Spring    East   16T     Hburg-Atown              Opposed
  1821    Sinking Spring    East   33A     Hburg-Atown              8352; Opposed
  1839    Sinking Spring    West   H31     Readg-Hburg          W   619; Opposed; Elk, Chemical, Ppc
  1851         Belt         West   H49     Phila-Readg          W   3001/5070; Via Belt
  1913    Sinking Spring    West   15J     Atown-Hburg
  1917         Belt         East   39G     Phila-Atown              9925
  2048    Sinking Spring    West   35Q     Atown-Hburg
  2055    Sinking Spring    East   14G     Hburg-Phila
  2126    Sinking Spring    East   294     Hburg-Atown
  2257         Belt         East   KH01      RN Local           W   Rn3058; 8 L 39 E
  2304    Sinking Spring    East   H31     Hburg-Readg          W   4661; Worked Ppc
  2307    Sinking Spring    West   17G     Phila-Hburg
  2316    Sinking Spring    East   20Q     Hburg-Phila              Was Held At Sink For H31 To Complete Work At Ppc
  2330         Dyers        East   62X     Readg-Phila              1052/8167; 50 L
  2332         Belt         West   KH01      RN Local           W   Rn3053/3058; Light Power To No Reading Yard
  2334    Sinking Spring    East   20K     Hburg-Atown
  2336         Belt         East   H73     Readg-Atown          W   5661/5669; Lyons Then Lentz
  2340    Wyomissing Jct    East   16N     Hburg-Atown              Did Not Hear Sinky Detector
  2342    Sinking Spring    West   I3M     Atown-Hburg              6376
Traffic Density (Trains Through): 
Sinky	Belt	Bird	Area
46	52	13	68

Unconfirmed means "best guess" of unheard symbol.
Yard column shows if trains passed through and/or worked Spring Street (Reading) yard.
Notable Events:
24Q was routed through yard.  Might be empty flats or single height trailers/stacks?

About 0830 a maintenance crew was working on Womelsdorf siding with a bad order car. Not sure if it was
 from the issue on Sunday with the 25Z.

MOW working at Center (3rd St crossing).

Heard the H91 with the 5664 working in Chapman Yard (Fogelsville, Pa) off the Reading Line.
 This is on the C&F Secondary which diverges from CP Alburtis.

Beginning at about 2200 - Switch at Oley would not throw toward Walnut.

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